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Carpeting Details

Finding the best carpet for your home or business can be a time consuming process. When choosing the perfect carpet, you can quickly learn that you have hundreds, if not thousands, of choices. In our carpet details section, you'll find a lot of helpful information that you can use to pick, pay for, and install your new carpet.

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Carpet Styles

Carpets generally only come in 3 different types (cut pile, loop pile and cut & loop pile), but can come in many different styles. Choosing the best style for your project depends on your preference and the needs of the project. Do you like plush carpet or would you prefer something more brisk? Use our style guide here to learn more about the most popular styles of carpet that we carry. If you have any questions, please contact us.

  • Textured

    Textured is similar to Saxony without the complete even look. Textured is twisted different than Saxony and steamed to create a curled appearance. The curled look helps to reduce the appearance of foot traffic.

  • Saxony

    Often referred to as plush carpeting. Saxony can be best identified as the carpet with an even appearance from wall to wall. This carpet is best used for low traffic areas and tends to wear quicker than other styles of carpet.

  • Frieze

    Very useful for high traffic areas. Each strand of carpet is tightly twisted separately to create the textured look. By twisting each strand, the carpet lies on itself helping to hide footprints and traffic lines.

  • Cable

    This style of carpet is made up of thicker, longer strands of yarn. Cable tends to have a more dense look than other carpets. This type of carpet is perfect for bedrooms and is better suited for low traffic areas.

  • Berber

    A very durable style that works well in high traffic areas. Each loop of carpet helps create texture. This type of carpet usually comes in a solid color which may make the seams more visible than with other carpets.

  • Patterned

    A very fashionable carpet with a distinct look. This type of carpet can come in many patterns with different colors. It usually stands up to traffic well. The patterns help to hide stains. Perfect for traditional rooms.

Carpet Types

In total, there are really only 3 main carpet types that each carpet can be classified as. The type of carpet has a lot to do with the way it is made, and whether or not it is cut in some way after it was manufactured. Below are the 3 basic carpet types.

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Carpet Fibers

Carpet fibers help create the look and feel of a carpet. Carpet fibers also factor into a carpet's pattern, the texture, and how well a carpet holds up. Here are the most popular carpet fibers we work with.